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This is by far the easiest method to roast 300gr of green beans. It's very practical, it produces little noise, you can observe the roasted beans any time, you can alter temperature by dialing a switch, and you can stop the roasting very quickly. There is also no need for any manual labor! The stirring is made automatically. The Turbo Crazy is comprised by two parts:

The Stir Crazy Popcorn maker (8qt model), which will stir your beans in order to create an even roast. You will have to find a second hand Stir Crazy in a thrift shop, or in Ebay. It should cost you less than 20euro. When you get one, clean it thoroughly and open it apart. Disconnect the heting element completely and the safety switch also. You will only need the stirring mechanism. Assemble it again. Remove the plastic cap on top of the stirring rod, and replace it with a metal one.

In this picture you can see that apart from the metal cap and washers, I have also added some metal wire on the the stirring rod in order to facilitate stirring. If you want you can replace the whole shaft with a metal one.

Although the motor is made for 110V it works fine with 220V also. If you have to, buy a new electric plug for your Stir Crazy. Sometimes the motor gets stuck the first time you plug in the machine but if you move the stirring rod a bit, it start working fine!

You will also need a turbo convection oven. Don't buy a fancy expensive digital one. I got a new analog timer Telectron convection oven, 1300W, for only 35 euro (special offer)! You will only have to use the top main part of the convection oven, which contains the heating element and the fan. If you want to roast less than 300gr of green beans then you wont need any further modification. If you want to roast 500gr per batch then you will need to buy an aluminium ring, with height of 4-5 cm, to increase the gap between the turbo oven and the stir crazy. You can buy a ready made spring form pan too. Alternatively you can create your own one like in this picture (

When you have all the necessary parts you are ready for your first roast! I suggest you roast outside because of the smoke! Put the Turbo oven on top of your Stir Crazy. Plug them in. Set the temperature at 210C degrees and the timer at 20 minutes. Preheat for 5 minutes. Open it quickly and pour 250gr beans inside. After about 10 minutes (depends on room temperature, humidity...) you will hear the first crack. If it's slower than optimal increase the temperature a bit. If it's quick and violent and you think that the second crack will start before the first crack stops, then reduce the temperature a bit.

first crack with turbo crazy coffee roaster

When the first crack is over increase the temperature to 240C degrees in order to push the roast to the second crack. You can stop the roast any time you want. If you want a full city+ roast (nice for espresso) wait approximately 10 seconds after the second crack starts and then remove the lid, and pour the beans quickly in a mesh colander or a large baking pan. Cool them down quickly by stirring and blowing some air on them.

second crack with turbo crazy coffee roaster

Enjoy fresh home roasted coffee! For more resources keep reading. For quality products at fantastic prices visit our coffee shop!

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