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Turkish coffee is the oldest way of making coffee. This is a short article answering frequently asked questions about Turkish coffee. You can also email me your question and I'll do my best to answer it.

Questions are in bold.

What kind of coffee must I use for Turkish coffee?

Turkish coffee nowadays is usually made of Latin American blends. Usually the blends contain two kinds of coffee: Arabica and Robusta. Except for the Latin American coffees the blends may also include coffees from Asia or Africa. Some of the best coffees for Turkish blends come from Brazil, Ethiopia and Yemen.

Should I use a coffee particularly made for Turkish coffee or can I use any blend?

Turkish blends are created in a special way to be optimized for Turkish coffee making. Most people that drink the popular Turkish coffee brands are used to a special characteristic taste. This doesn't mean that you cannot use another coffee blend to make Turkish coffee. For example you can use an espresso blend. The only requirement is that it must be ground very fine like powder. If it isn't ground fine enough there will be no foam on top of the coffee after you make it and the taste will be weak.

So, in other words you can experiment with any blend you want if you grind it fine enough for Turkish coffee. The taste will be different than the usual though.

Is it healthy?

Turkish coffee is as healthy as any regular coffee. Actually according to some some researches a quantity of two small Turkish coffee cups (demitasse cups) can be beneficial for the heart. If you exceed this amount then it may become bad for your health like any other coffee. Bear in mind that Turkish coffee is made almost as quickly as instant coffee but it's far better for your health.

What is this thick thing on top of Turkish coffee? Is it like espresso?

When you make Turkish coffee properly you will notice on top a layer of dark, thick and homogeneous foam. This is also known as kaimaki in Greece. If the coffee doesn't have kaimaki then something is definitely wrong with the coffee making:

  • small quantity of coffee used
  • not properly heated
  • ground coarser than required
  • very stale coffee

In some Eastern countries it is an insult to serve Turkish coffee without this special foam on top.

Kaimaki foam is looks similar to the espresso crema but it very different in terms of physical properties. The espresso crema is formed not only due to heat but also because of high pressure so it's quite different.

Do I need any special expensive equipment for Turkish coffee?

Making Turkish coffee is very easy and very fast. All you need is a small coffee pot and a heat source. You can use a small stainless steel pot and your electric stove top but it's preferable to use a traditional copper or brass Turkish pot. Regarding the heat source it's better to use low fire to make the coffee. A gas burner or an alcohol burner is my favorite heat source for home use.

What size coffee pot do I need?

This is a question that creates a lot of misunderstandings. Basically it depends on how much coffee you are going to make each time.

First, what you need to know is that you will need a coffee pot that holds approximately double the amount of coffee. This is because coffee must have enough room in the pot to foam up and furthermore because of the so-called "oven effect".

Let me explain...

Traditional Turkish coffee pots have an hourglass shape. This special shape creates an oven-like effect when making Turkish coffee. The oven-effect is highly desirable for better taste. The only requirement for this "oven-effect" is to fill the pot till the point where the pot diameter is smaller. Usually this means a half-full pot.

So, If you want to make two demitasse cups, for you and your friend, you will need a 4 demitasse-cup size coffee pot.

Please note that sizing differs among manufacturers. So instead of looking for a 4-cup size coffee pot look for a coffee pot that holds 4*60ml which equals 240ml. 60ml or approximately 2oz is the size of a demitasse cup.

What about a coffee pot for just one cup?

In this case you will need a coffee pot that holds 2*60ml=120ml coffee.

What about one normal cup?

One normal cup is approximately 250ml so you will need a 500ml pot.

These numbers are not exact. They are just guides to help you. Most of the times buying a bit smaller coffee pot will also be adequate.

Can I grind Turkish coffee with my coffee grinder?

Turkish coffee is ground at the most fine grind setting. Most grinders for home use are incapable of grinding so fine. If you have a blade grinder consider upgrading to a burr grinder. This doesn't mean that every burr grinder can grind Turkish coffee. So if you are in the market in research of a burr grinder make sure it has a Turkish coffee setting. Some burr grinders don't have a Turkish coffee setting but they can be modified very easily to grind fine enough for this coffee. This information can be easily found if you make a couple of searches in a search engine.

Another solution are manual-operated Turkish coffee grinders. These grinders are much cheaper than burr grinders and because of their low speed coffee is ground gently without getting heated. In cheap burr grinders because of the small burr dimensions the rotating speed is higher. This way the friction is bigger and the heat generation is higher. More heat means more coffee taste destruction! So in other words small grinding speeds of manual grinders are better for your palate! The big drawback is that this sort of grinding can remind you of manual labor sometimes...

Is there any special way to serve Turkish coffee? Any special tradition?

If you have guests and you want to impress them with your coffee making mastery and your hospitality you can do some simple things. First use a big traditional looking serving tray and put some glasses of water for your guests. Water is used to clean the mouth before tasting the coffee. Prepare the coffees immediately before serving time so that they keep their kaimaki foam and their temperature. You can pair the coffee with some cookies or muffins.

For dessert after the coffee you can offer traditional Turkish delight or baklava. Your guests will be grateful!

If you have any questions about Turkish coffee please email me. Enjoy!

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Traditional Tabletop Burners Print E-mail

Before electricity and gas people used plain old fire to make coffee! They used wood fire and big pots, and they ground their coffee with stones or wood

Fast forward to present. The tabletop burner was invented, which was a small device like a lamp. This burner uses cheap (impure) blue colored alcohol. You light it up and it heats coffee SLOWLY so you can make Turkish coffee.

Once the coffee comes to a boil you just blow out the fire, and you serve in your favorite cups.

The burner has a beautiful traditional design and thats the reason that many people use it for decoration.

Coffee enthusiasts use these traditional burners because of nostalgia of the good old days and also because they have the benefit that they heat coffee SLOWLY, which is the best way.

You can watch a home video I've created showing how to use this burner to make Turkish coffee.

Search for unique tabletop burners by clicking here: Tabletop Burners

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Professional Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker Print E-mail

professional autmatic turkish coffee maker
turkish coffee

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way of making Turkish coffee compared to the traditional coffee pots. I hope you are not thinking about steaming with espresso machines, are you?

One of my biggest frustrations the last couple of years was the exceptionally low quality of Turkish coffee served in coffee shops. Inadequately trained baristas prepare Turkish coffee in the worst ways possible. The rich and strong flavour of Turkish coffee gets destroyed. The latest fad of making Turkish coffee using the steamers of Espresso machines is the worst thing possible. There is no crema, no flavour and no taste in the coffee served. Only a flat and bitter taste! You know what I mean, don't you? :-)

The easiest way to make Turkish Coffee the right way is to use a well designed professionall automatic Turkish coffee maker.

FreshCoffeeShop brings you the kafeskafes automatic electric Turkish coffee maker.

It is an single and double-cup professional Turkish coffee machine with an adjustable microchip-controlled blending, stirring and heating system.

It makes a superb single or double Turkish coffee, fast and economically while preserving all the delicate flavours of fine coffee.

A revolutionary machine, specially designed to produce the perfect cup of Turkish coffee, for total customer satisfaction. A fabulous way to ensure a legendary taste experience in each cup of coffee.

Below you can watch how easy and fast it is to make Turkish coffee with our professional electric Turkish coffee maker. You can find more information in the store: Turkish Coffee Machine


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Ibrik - Cezve - Turkish Coffee Maker Print E-mail

An Ibrik or Cezve is a Turkish coffee maker (pot) designed specifically to make Turkish coffee. In Greece the ibrik is know as briki. Turkish coffee is also known as Greek coffee, and has a lot of similarities with Arabic coffee. The main principle of Turkish coffee making is bringing to boil a mixture of extra fine ground coffee, water and sugar.

Ibrik - Cezve Types

Except for the modern stainless steel coffee pots, there are two different kinds of traditional ibriks. The copper tin lined Turkish coffee ibriks and the brass tin lined ibriks. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are people swearing that copper is better and other people swearing that brass ibriks are much better!!! Tin lining is used for each type, for health purposes. This special lining makes the coffee pots safe for your health. Brass ibrik pots are considered even safer than copper ibrik pots.

The Copper IBrik Turkish Coffee Pots

The copper ibriks have the disadvantage that they loose their beautiful shiny appearance much quicker than the brass ones. Their advantage is that copper is more heat conductive which facilitates the brewing process considerably. Nevertheless a purist will tell you that it's best to brew Turkish coffee slowly in a suitably sized cezve.

Copper Ibrik pots (cezve)

The Brass Ibrik Turkish Coffee Pots

The brass ibrik pots are generally more resilient and tough. They preserve their shiny appearance for longer time. For many people these ibriks produce a better final result in the cup, and they are also better for your health. The disadvantage of a brass ibrik is that it heats slower than copper. This makes it a poor choice for professional use but a very good choice for home use.

Turkish coffee ibrik pots (made of brass)

Special Handles

Traditional Turkish coffee pots feature long wooden or metal handles. These handles sometimes have decorative patterns to make them more beautiful, and more valuable as collectible items. Decorative patterns on the main coffee pot can also be found in some higher priced ibriks (see picture below).

Decorative Turkish coffee ibrik pot made of copperdetachable wooden handle of a Turkish coffee pot

Our Turkish Coffee Offers

FreshCoffeeShop offers unbelievably low prices for its extensive range of Turkish coffee ibrik pots. You can find copper and brass ibriks, as well as decorative ibriks. Enter our shop now to see our latest offers of copper and brass Turkish coffee ibrik pots

If you are a professional and you are interested in an Automatic Turkish coffee making machine then enter our store now.

professional turkish coffee maker


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Turkish Coffee Grinders Print E-mail

The Turkish coffee grinder, is a traditional hand coffee grinder (mill). This mill is used to grind coffee very fine, for Turkish coffee. It is made of three basic parts. The metal rod which turns the main shaft, the upper compartment which includes the grinding burrs, and the bottom compartment which retains the ground coffee.

The fineness of the grinding is controlled by a small screw that can be found at the bottom of the top compartment. Using the metal rod one is able to adjust the grind so that the beans get ground as even as possible. The desired ground coffee must be as fine as a powder.

Turkish Coffee Grinder Video

You can watch a short video showing how to adjust and use a Turkish coffee grinder below:

Where To Find Turkish Coffee Grinders?

Turkish coffee grinders are produced in many countries other than Turkey. Some of the best Turkish coffee grinders are constructed in Greece and in Germany.

Zassenhaus coffee mills constructed in Germany are considered the best hand coffee grinders in the world. The problem is that their production is very limited now and you will hardly find any. It is also a fact their price tag is quite heavy!

turkish coffee grinderA nice alternative with a lower price is the Turkish coffee grinders constructed in Greece.

The famous "Alexander" coffee mills feature a solid brass body with steel burrs mechanism. The benefit of this high quality construction is their longer life span compared to the mass produced coffee grinders made in China, Turkey and other countries.

Except for their longer life span they are also very beautiful and can be used for decoration or as gifts.

You can find these traditional grinders in our store: Turkish coffee grinders


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