Arabic Coffee - 200gr

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"Just a hint of cardamom lifts this brew out of the ordinary..." Original Arabic coffee recipe! Imagine drinking 100% dark roasted Arabica coffee mixed with cardamom... Cardamom is a unique spice which creates the special taste of Arabic coffee. Strong, sweet but somewhat spicy and exotic! As you probably guess, there is no inferior quality Robusta coffee in this blend. So what does this mean? It's simple: forget about the bitter taste of common Turkish coffees. The fact is that 100% Arabica coffee means better flavour with less caffeine and less bitterness. And best of all? You can prepare this coffee exactly the same way as ordinary Turkish coffee. Heck, you can also mix it with chocolate and create a delicious mocha! Finally, here's an added bonus: with your purchase you will also receive rare traditional coffee recipes

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