Filter Ground Coffee Costa Rica - 1 KG

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Single Origin - 1kg in4 bags Details 1kg Coffee in four 250gr airtight bags Ground for filter coffee 100% Arabica Premium quality Roasted by the SCAA certified SambaCafe 3 Bonus e-Books 100% money back guarantee!!! SambaCafe is a well known micro roaster in Greece. Samba's gourmet filter coffee is a single-origin quality Arabica coffee, roasted at medium level, to retain more aroma and flavour, and gain a sweeter more balanced taste. ~Costa Rica Profile FreshCoffeeShop brings you a delicious Costa Rica coffee with bright citrus-berry tones, high acidity, clean taste and mild body. It is purely SHB which means strictly hard beans, grown in high elevations. It is processed with the washed method. This coffee is great as drip coffee because of its clean taste and full flavor!

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