Gourmet Filter Ground Coffee Kenya AA - 1 KG

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Single Origin - 1kg in 4 bags Details 1kg Coffee in four 250gr airtight bags Ground for filter coffee 100% Arabica Premium quality Roasted by the SCAA certified SambaCafe 3 Bonus e-Books 100% money back guarantee!!! SambaCafe is a well known micro roaster in Greece. Samba's gourmet filter coffee is a single-origin quality Arabica coffee, roasted at medium level, to retain more aroma and flavour, and gain a sweeter more balanced taste. ~Kenya AA Profile Coffee was introduced into Kenya by way of Ethiopia at the end of the 19th century. FreshCoffeeShop brings you a Kenya AA coffee with the classic qualities of an excellent Kenya coffee. It is the highest grade possible AA! It has full body, high winey acidity (bright&clean notes), clean taste and floral-citrus aroma! It's delicious as filter coffee! You're going to love it!

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