Hovoli 1000s - Turkish coffee machine

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This is a simple design traditional Turkish coffee maker called Hovoli. Don't be fooled by its plain appearance cause it packs great power! It is available in 3 options: the E1000 which is the 450W model the E2000 which is the middle 1000W model the E5000 which is the biggest size 1000W model Hovoli is considered for many people the best way to make Turkish coffee. The reason is that an experienced Hovoli user can heat the coffee slowly and evenly in order to reveal all the delicate flavor. To use the Hovoli the first step is to add some sand on top. After you select the desired temperature you switch on the machine, and it starts heating the sand. You then fill a Turkish coffee pot (ibrik) with sugar, coffee and water and you put it inside the sand. The secret of using the Hovoli the right way is to press the ibrik downwards in order to touch the hot plate. The sand must cover at least half the ibrik's height. If you fail to follow these two steps the coffee brewing will delay a lot and the coffee flavor will be flat. As soon as the coffee foams and just before it boils you must remove the ibrik and serve the coffee. CAUTION: You will not be able to drink Turkish coffee made with any other way if you drink the coffee Hovoli makes! Specifications: 1 year guarantee Made in Greece 300 C degrees maximum temperature - adjustable in 50 C steps (572 Fahrenheit) E1000 450 Watt, E2000 and the E5000 1000W 220V 30cm x 20cm x 16cm E1000, 37cm x 28cm x 27cm E2000, 46cm x 37cm x 32cm E5000

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