Espresso & Cappuccino Freddo

There are two different kinds of freddo coffee. The first is espresso freddo and the second is cappuccino freddo.

In order to make espresso freddo at home you need an espresso machine, some good espresso coffee, ice cubes, (sugar) and a couple of minutes time.

Prepare a double shot of espresso and put in in a tall narrow glass. Add some sugar if you want and stir a bit. Then, add 2-3 icecubes and use a milkshake mixer to stir it vigorously until it becomes creamy. If you don’t drink you coffee strong you can add some cold water.

For the cappuccino fredddo you basically prepare an espresso freddo and then you top it with frothed cold milk. In order to prepare this milk add some COLD milk in a small container and use the milkshake mixer to froth it until it becomes creamy enough. Then just add it on top of the espresso freddo.

So there you have it!

Two vey nice cold coffees for the summer! Now listen, if you don’t have a milkshake mixer you can also use a shaker but don’t expect the same quality, OK?

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What about this espresso

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